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Martin Christopher Knights

阅读: 发布人:桥梁与隧道

Martin Knights is a civil engineer with 45 years of professional working experience. He is the owner of his own consulting company and is the Chairman of a civil engineering company based in UK and is a former President of the International Tunnelling Association and has visited China many times over the past 15 years. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering. In 2011 Martin founded an Engineering Practice and for 5 years he was the Senior Vice President in a major International Engineering Company involved in tunnelling and geotechnical projects around the world including the USA, UK, Australia, South America, parts of SE Asia and the Middle East and India. He has spoken at many conferences, seminars and training courses in China. In 2010 Martin was awarded the medal from the British Tunnelling Society for services to International Tunnelling.
Martin Christopher Knights是一名有45年的专业工作经验的土木工程师。他是皇家工程学院的研究员,拥有自己的咨询公司,目前担任一家总部设在英国的土木工程公司的主席,曾任国际隧道协会主席。在过去15年中,他多次访问中国并在许多会议、研讨会和培训班上发表演讲。马丁于2011创立了一家工程公司,并在5年的时间里担任一家主要国际工程公司的高级副总裁,该公司在世界各地从事隧道和岩土工程项目,包括美国、英国、澳大利亚、南美、东南亚部分地区以及中东和印度。2010年,马丁获得英国国际隧道工程服务协会颁发的奖章。

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