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Joel Van Stee

阅读: 发布人:桥梁与隧道

Joel van Stee is Design Engineer at Trelleborg with the responsibility for the design of all tunnel seals within Trelleborg Infrastructure division.
Prior to joining Trelleborg, Joel van Stee finished a BSc. degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Technical Institute of Rijswijk the Netherlands. Joel van Stee has over 10 years of international experience at rubber products designing, manufacturing, testing and implementation, and he’s been responsible for over 15 tunnel sealing designs. Notable projects such as the HongKong-Zhuhai-Macau tunnel, Shatin to Central Link, Midtown tunnel Virginia US, 2nd Coentunnel the Netherlands and many others. Further notable fields of expertise are gained from diverse other projects such as sluices, dams and tunnel rehabilitation projects. Key projects like the MOSE storm surge barrier.
Joel van Stee是特瑞堡基建业务的隧道密封设计工程师,拥有荷兰Rijswijk技术学院机械工程学位,在橡胶产品设计、制造、测试和实施方面积累了超过10年的国际经验。曾负责超过15个隧道的密封设计工作,其中包括著名的港珠澳桥隧项目,香港沙田至中环线,美国弗吉尼亚州中城隧道,荷兰第二隧道等等。除此之外,也为各种其他项目如闸门,水坝和隧道恢复项目提供专业密封防护设计,如意大利Mose风暴潮屏障等。

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