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阅读: 发布人:桥梁与隧道

Tadashi Hashimoto, Chairman of Geo-Research Institute(GRI) in Japan. After getting his Master Degree at Tokushima University in 1972, he worked for Kyoto University as a research assistant. From 1973 till now, he has been serving continuously in GRI. He has specialized in underground constructions, providing technology advice involving urban tunnel, mountain tunnel, geotechnical investigation, on-site monitoring, ground water, landslide and etc. In the past 45 years, He worked actively as technology consultant in underground constructions in Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Fokuoka, Nagoya and Tokyo in Japan. At the same time, he came forward with numerous technical advice on the underground construction projects for railway and express way in the UK, the Netherlands, South Korea, China and Singapore.
He has been a member of ISRME, and the President of Kansai Branch of The Japan Geotechnical Society. Now he is Overseas Expert of Science and Technology Committee of Shanghai Municipal Urban-Rural Development and Management Commission, and also the Transportation and International Adviser for Singapore Land Transport Authority on the underground construction.

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